Mila | Puppy Session!

My best friend, her husband and their first baby! .. fur baby that is <3

The first thing Amber & I thought about when discussing their puppy was doing a newborn session! Mila's dog mama (lol) lives a couple houses down from the studio so doing the session was a given. They picked her up and then came right to my house and we did this adorable session. 

I wanted to make it just like a newborn session, so of course we did parent photographs. It was hilarious to say "wrap your arms around your wife and puppy and close your eyes". Haha, I got a lot of eye rolls from Zach.. but so worth it, how cute are these family photos! 

She is really their first baby, she's very important to them so just like a newborn session it was so fun to capture her when she's small (cause now she's already huge!). Its a fun experience that they will always have with her and pictures that aren't on their phones. Amber literally printed every photo.. twice haha! Grandparents got photos too. 

Mila was so good, and only hopped out of the boxes a couple times! lol and she didnt have any accidents! 

I am really considering adding a "Newborn Animal Session" package! If you would like to do this sort of session with your fur baby please like or comment! 

Enjoy the cuteness..