Rebecca | Mama Mini Session

Rebecca wasn't sure if she wanted to get photographs done or not, and Im just so happy she decided to get some done and I'm very happy she picked me to capture this special time! I know it can be hard and sometimes you don't feel up to getting maternity photographs done but you really will regret it if you don't. I have had so many clients who come just for newborn photographs and they say how they wish they came to get maternity photographs done too. Of course you can always get pregnant again, but not with this baby. Its such a special time and something that not everyone gets to experience so I really hope all my clients enjoy their pregnancy and capture it as much a they can. This is the whole reason I added the mama mini session, I wanted to make custom professional photography available to everyone. This session is 10 images and 30 minutes, its fun and easy so if your not really into getting photographs taken, your budget doesn't allow for the full session or your super busy this session is perfect for you. 

Also, who knew a bathing suit top was perfect for showing off your bump! Usually I have clients bring bandeaus if they want to show off their bump but then you need a strapless bra and thats not always easy when pregnant. You can get really simple and nice bathing suit tops now so this is such a great idea (not mine, unfortunately lol) since it has padding included.