Miss. Ellie!

Most clients are surprised when they come to the studio to find out I live on a hobby farm. We currently have 40 animals on the farm, one of which is a month old mini pig named Ellie! Our pig gave birth and sadly only Ellie made it. It wasn't safe for her with the adult pigs so she has been living in our house and will continue to until the spring. 

I must say, I now know what its like to have a newborn! For the first couple weeks she was bottle fed every 2 hours, luckily now she drinking milk out of a bowl every 4 hours. 

Ellie is a mini pig, NOT a "teacup pig". Many people don't know that there is no such thing as "teacup pigs". The photos you see online of "teacup pigs" are actually piglets like our little Ellie. She will actually grow to be about 40-60 pounds, which seems large but its actually very small for a pig. Regular pigs can be 300+ pounds. 

With the help of my lovely assistants (mom+dad) we did a little mini session with our baby girl! This session was very similar to a newborn session.. she was fussy until she got her bottle and she peed on my backdrop!