Evaleigh | Newborn Session

Evaleigh was so great for her newborn session. I had a great time hanging out in the studio with her and her parents. Its always so nice when I click with the parents, and I really felt that with them. All sessions are enjoyable but when its relaxed and we having lots of fun it makes it so great! 

She was my last little newborn of 2015, what a wonderful way to end such a great year! <3

Newborn Animal Session

I'm SO excited!!! 

I love photographing newborns, and I also love animals so this session combines those two loves! This session is for baby animals only, so your new puppy, kitten or any new addition to your family. I will photograph any animal that can fit into my studio!

I know most animals leave their (real) mama's around 8 weeks, so ideally we would schedule the session for the week you bring your new addition home. This way were capturing him/her fresh into your family and at a really small size! 

The majority of the session will be of your new baby but parent/family photographs are also included! All props, blankets and accessories are provided by me. For a lot of people pets are their first babies, and this is a session to capture them at a really cute size and age, and remember when you first became a little family! 

Newborn Animal Session {around 8 weeks old}
up to 1 hour in photography studio
simple posing using blankets and props, parent/family photos also included. 
access to private online gallery to make selection
15 photographs via instant download
$225 plus tax

Chesney | Six Month Session

Its always so nice to see my mini clients again! Its fun to see how much they have grown and changed since the last time I photographed them. I don't have non newborn and maternity sessions listed anywhere but always do them for past clients! It was so nice to photograph this little lady again and get to hangout with her and her mama. She did a great job sitting up on her own and we got a lot of surprised faces lol. 

Olivia | Hello Baby Session

Olivia is the GIRL! from the gender reveal I did! Her parents are so cute and I was really excited when her mama asked to book the hello baby session. Mama is also a photographer so it was nice to be asked to do the session. 

The hello baby session is so intimate, these were taken in the hospital a couple days after birth. Such a special time I think everyone should have nice photographs of since it goes so quickly! Im really hoping to do more hello baby sessions cause I love them! 

With my in studio posed newborn sessions I rarely do black and white conversions, but with more natural photographs I love black and white as seen in this hello baby session and also the lifestyle newborn session. I love the strong contrast! 

* Breastfeeding photographs were apart of the session but were asked to stay private. 

Mya | Mini Newborn Session

Miss Mya! She was amazing!! She did not wake up until the last photo and I was really happy that she did wake up for that last shot cause its adorable. I love a sleepy newborn and thats definitely what Im known for and my style but its nice to have some candid or awake shots mixed into the session. She's so beautiful and squishy! It was lovely to spend some time in the studio with her, her mama and grandma! Her session was probably one of my quickest mini newborn sessions and I had SO MANY great shots, it was so hard to narrow them down. 

Kaija | Newborn Session

Her mama asked if their dog, Lola could be included and if you know me I will never turn down a pet request! Lola kinda slept more than Kaija, which was funny but thats why the all inclusive newborn session is so long, lots of time for milk breaks, snuggles and soothing. I just love all of these images! So cute and girly <3 

Alyssa + Jason | Maternity

Alyssa and I went to the same high school so it was very nice to see her and get to photograph her maternity session. She saw a photo I did against the a wood shed and loved it and was hoping we could do similar shots and lucky for her the shot was done on my property so we could use the same location! 

Love the rustic look of her images! 

Mila | Puppy Session!

My best friend, her husband and their first baby! .. fur baby that is <3

The first thing Amber & I thought about when discussing their puppy was doing a newborn session! Mila's dog mama (lol) lives a couple houses down from the studio so doing the session was a given. They picked her up and then came right to my house and we did this adorable session. 

I wanted to make it just like a newborn session, so of course we did parent photographs. It was hilarious to say "wrap your arms around your wife and puppy and close your eyes". Haha, I got a lot of eye rolls from Zach.. but so worth it, how cute are these family photos! 

She is really their first baby, she's very important to them so just like a newborn session it was so fun to capture her when she's small (cause now she's already huge!). Its a fun experience that they will always have with her and pictures that aren't on their phones. Amber literally printed every photo.. twice haha! Grandparents got photos too. 

Mila was so good, and only hopped out of the boxes a couple times! lol and she didnt have any accidents! 

I am really considering adding a "Newborn Animal Session" package! If you would like to do this sort of session with your fur baby please like or comment! 

Enjoy the cuteness.. 

Miriam | Mini Maternity Session

Miriam was wonderful to work with, we had a great time in the studio we actually went 30 minutes over cause we were talking so much! 

I love the mini maternity session (formally the mama mini session) its a great way to celebrate this special time in your life and get some timeless images! 

Emerson | 6 Month Session

Emerson is so sweet! Her mama wanted light and airy for her session and this location was beautiful! We did it nice an easy in the morning and I just love how these photographs turned out. 

She's such a doll! Looking forward to more sessions with her and her family <3 

Steph | Mama Mini Session

I love the mama mini session - simple, timeless and elegant photographs to capture a beautiful time in a woman's life. Im so happy when clients decided to do maternity photographs, and this session is so quick and easy, anyone would enjoy it! 

Steph was lovely to work with, Im so happy with these photographs! 

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lately I've been really interested in doing a lifestyle newborn session, and it worked out perfectly that Jess contacted me wanting a more laid back/natural newborn session with her family in their home. I do absoutely love my in studio posed/styled session but I really enjoyed this and I will definitely be adding it to my site soon! 

It was nice to just roll with it and capture her family in real moments. I love how natural and intimate this session was, and Im really looking forward to more! 

Corbin | Newborn Session

What a special session this was! Corbin is my best friends Nephew <3 I have known his parents for a long time and was so excited to photograph their adorable new addition. The session went amazing, Corbin is such a good sleeper! And of course the whole fam was involved in the session!  Im so happy for you guys, and so excited to watch this little one grow! 

His parents maternity session: http://www.laurenbarnardphotography.ca/blog/2015/6/1/alison-harley-maternity-session

Stephanie + Ryan | Maternity Session

foggy morning maternity session. 
so the weather isn't always on my side, I was dreaming of glowy morning light in this beautiful field, but it was very foggy and no sun - but im really happy with the look of the images so thanks mother nature for giving me something else to work with! 

Fields are great for photographs, Stephanie mentioned they wanted a field so I sent her a couple options but I was hoping she would chose this one. I drive by it often and there is just something about it I really like, and the lighting at sunrise/sunset is always amazing.. except for this morning, lol. 

I wanted to get a little more variety so we walked towards a little forest area across the street and I was very excited to find a tree with flowers! Tree's with flowers are one of my favourite things, I'm so happy it was there. I love the dark background with the flowers as an accent and the focus on the beautiful couple. 

can't wait to meet + photograph their baby! 

Wyatt | 6 Month Session

naked baby! so friggen cute. When they came in I was like what do you want him to wear, and his mama was like well naked babies are cute, and I was like YES! 

One of my friends bought a gift certificate for her friend for a mini newborn session but unfortunately it didn't work out getting them into the studio for the newborn session so I let her know the next best age (in my opinion) is 6 months. What a happy baby! So happy we did the session when we did, he's so cute and was a dream to photograph. I'm also really happy that his beautiful mama, Amanda agreed to be in some images. So often mamas aren't included in images and its so nice having images together. 

ps. the toe munchin' is just to much <3 

Camilla + Eric | Gender Reveal!

its a ... 

Camilla and I have known each other for a little bit now and she announced on Facebook that they were expecting and then quickly messaged me asking if I could come by and photograph their gender reveal. Of course I said yes, cause gender reveals are the cutest. 

Camilla + Eric had their family and friends over for the reveal, so it was a really special moment. I love the images leading up to the reveal, filled with such anticipation and excitement. The reveal its self is so cool, having the balloons and confetti fall down revealing the gender of their little bundle then of course the reaction! I know they would have been happy either way, but Camilla's face is priceless! 

Congrats you guys! 

Rebecca | Mama Mini Session

Rebecca wasn't sure if she wanted to get photographs done or not, and Im just so happy she decided to get some done and I'm very happy she picked me to capture this special time! I know it can be hard and sometimes you don't feel up to getting maternity photographs done but you really will regret it if you don't. I have had so many clients who come just for newborn photographs and they say how they wish they came to get maternity photographs done too. Of course you can always get pregnant again, but not with this baby. Its such a special time and something that not everyone gets to experience so I really hope all my clients enjoy their pregnancy and capture it as much a they can. This is the whole reason I added the mama mini session, I wanted to make custom professional photography available to everyone. This session is 10 images and 30 minutes, its fun and easy so if your not really into getting photographs taken, your budget doesn't allow for the full session or your super busy this session is perfect for you. 

Also, who knew a bathing suit top was perfect for showing off your bump! Usually I have clients bring bandeaus if they want to show off their bump but then you need a strapless bra and thats not always easy when pregnant. You can get really simple and nice bathing suit tops now so this is such a great idea (not mine, unfortunately lol) since it has padding included. 

Avery | Mini Newborn Session

Little miss. Avery, what a sweetheart!

I really wanted to focus on getting timeless simple images. That is what I always want my photographs to be, timeless and beautiful. I really think I achieved that here with Avery's session. The mini newborn session is all about simple elegant photographs on one blanket (backdrop) and getting some variety with angles and posing. She is just so gorgeous, she made my job easy. Her parents wanted to add some extra time and images to be included in her mini newborn session so thats why there is parent shots included. 

Jreyk | 6 Month Session

This is Jreyk! I did his parents maternity session and his newborn session last year and I was so happy when his mama messaged me to do some photographs for mothers day! This is a great age to photograph as they are usually very happy and can somewhat sit on their own. Isn't he the cutest <3 

so yes, I do not have any information for 6 month, 1 year or family packages on my website. I really want to be known for my maternity, newborn and (one day) birth photography so I decided to remove all other sessions from my website. That being said, I do LOVE seeing my past clients again and again! I have some that come every 6 months and its the best, I love watching the babies grow. Once you have your newborn or maternity session with me you will receive a card with information on my "other sessions"! I have three package options and give discounts for referrals. If asked I will of course do my "other sessions" for non-clients but space is limited especially when I have a busy month with newborns/maternity. 

If your interested in my "other sessions" please send me an email :) I would be happy to send you the info!